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    We are a small group of pop up camper owners who live in the great state of Tennessee. We usually camp in National or State parks. If you are looking for a  are family oriented group then look no further. We camp mostly in the state of TN but we don't confine ourselves to instate camping as there are some really great places just outside TN.
    It's our members who make TPUC what it is. Without them there would be no club. This site and group was formed by and for active pop up campers. 


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Thursday November 05, 2009

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      TPUC was first started back in 2002 and did great. We always had 5 plus families on every trip. However we lost our focus and was shut down in 2007. We got away from our pop up camper roots. Now for the good news TPUC is  back and looking for dedicated camping members.

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. All members who attend campouts are responsible for their own behavior. TPUC is not responsible for any injury, loss of property, damage caused to or by the attendees. You attend at your own risk and are expected to follow all campground rules. By attending a camping trip and or using our forum you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in this disclaimer.